The Geoff Post

I love my cat and because I love my cat, I’m going to write on my blog about him. I adopted Geoff about 7 months ago and my goodness, what a journey it has been! I originally went to a local shelter in town looking for a dog and I walked out of there with a Geoff. Geoff has no bottom lip and he’d been at the shelter for most of his life. No one wanted to adopt him because of his little deformity. He was the last kitten from his litter to be adopted and oh boy, did that hurt my heart! Once I heard his story, I knew he was meant to be mine and that was it; my heart was taken. I went home that day and told my mom about this little cat. It became really personal to me. I wanted to show this cat that he is loved and wanted. After some begging, my mom let me adopt him!  Admittedly, the first few weeks I had him were rough because he was pretty sick. I actually didn’t know if I would be able to keep him because of how sick he was; despite my best efforts, I became really attached to him. Thankfully, he got better within a couple weeks of me adopting him.

Geoff is now about a year old and he’s the funnies creature I’ve ever met. In all seriousness, I think that my cat is a blessing from the Lord. I got Geoff in a hard season, but he’s brought so much humor and joy and to my life. Whenever I told a friend of mine that I was adopting Geoff, she told me how humans just have to know that God has a sense of humor because He made cats. And she’s totally right! (If you don’t believe me, go take a trip into the cat section of youtube. Cats are hilarious.) Geoff teaches me daily that it’s okay to be silly and that sometimes life really isn’t as serious as we make it out to be in our heads. img_1668(pictured above: me having a laugh at Geoff, who’s about to fall off the couch. Also, I’m wearing a tie-dye shirt with cats on it-what a winner)

Geoff is also a faithful companion. Even when I’m doing boring, mundane tasks, he sits with me and hangs out. When I’m sad, he snuggles up next to me and radiates the joy in his little cat heart. I remember that the Lord has blessed me with this sweet little cat who follows me around my apartment like I’m the coolest person in the world. This sounds so weird to say, but one of the things that means the most to me is just how he’s there with me. In the dark nights of the soul, he’s there. When I’m overjoyed, he’s there. His constant companionship in the worst and best of times has meant the world and more to me.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset(pictured above: Geoff holding my hand, being a true buddy)

So I guess this post is me appreciating one of the simplest joys in my life: my cat with no bottom lip. He makes me laugh endlessly and never fails to bring a smile to my face. Also, this cat shows me God’s provision. He gave me this fountain of joy for the days when I have a hard time making happy on my own; I can look at Geoff and smile and laugh and remember that I’m not doing this by myself. My sweet Savior provides for even the smallest of my needs. With the blessing of this sweet little cat, my cup overflows. Today, I encourage you to look around and appreciate the simple joys around you. I hope you have a laugh that resonates to the bottom of your heart and makes your tummy hurt. Lastly, I hope you feel the joy that the Lord wants you to. Cats are great, and our God is even better.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
(pictured above: my cat showing off and being a model. Who even needs a bottom lip?)


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