The Things You Are, the Things You Aren’t

Each day from February 1-14 this year, my wonderful mother put a heart on my door with a loving “you are” statement. Recently, a very dear friend of mine saw my door and added another heart (it’s the blue one at the bottom).

I’ve had these on my door for the last three-ish months and it’s hard to describe the impact they’ve had on me. The hearts remind me of the nice things about myself; the things which my head and heart are in the process of fully knowing and embracing. My friend adding the new heart a few days ago made me think about and hear these precious words all over again.

You are:


wonderfully made

a ray of sunshine



a good role model

a blessing

a good cook



a good friend 



a wonderful daughter


These kind, kind words are so important.I’m the type of person who fully believes in accepting my shortcomings and failures; I think that’s a means of growth (after all, wouldn’t want to become a millennial narcissist). But I’m also trying to become the person who acknowledges her successes without feeling shame for appropriate pride. It’s important to know what you aren’t alongside of what you are.

In this fallen world, we hear lots of damaging, hurtful words that simply aren’t true.Or even worse, we say them to ourselves, out of our own invention. “You are too much. You are not enough. You are invisible. You are nobody. You are useless. You are idle.” And many more on top of that. As they say, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will emotionally scar me.” And so often, these words aren’t true. They are lies sent to destroy Joy and Truth. So today, at 11:47 p.m. on May 14, 2016, I urge you, reader of my tiny, blogging corner of the internet, to believe the nice things, the true things, about yourself.  On top of this, I urge you to speak truth and kindness to others.

Words have always been my love language and I feel so blessed to have found people who embrace that about me and show me love in that way. As I’m thinking of all the beautiful, kind words they’ve given me, I’m ironically at quite a loss for words to say to them. But I know a good place to start is, “thank you.” So thank you, mom and friends and others who have shown me love through words. Thank you for understanding me and for helping me to believe the nice things about myself. Thank you for being grace and love and Christ to me.

Press on and press in, friend. There are many nice things about you. Choose the joy of believing them.

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