Mosaic Man

“In the same way, I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born.”- Isaiah 66:9, ERV

Man feels broken. Man goes to church every Sunday. Man has a successful job. Man has wonderful friends and people in is life. From the outside looking in, Man’s life is as close to perfect as could be. But, Man is still sad. Now, don’t get Man wrong: he has times of pure Joy, happines bubbling off of him. But in time, he feels the tug at his heart. His dissapointments in the world and others weigh on his shoulders. He feel as if his world is crumbling around him. Things from his past haunt him; the dark shadows of things that have already happened creep in front of him, always seen, always just a few steps in front of him.

I’ve been Man. I still am Man. I think it’s safe to say that a lot of us have been where Man is.

But, instead of being just Man, Man is now growing into Mosaic Man.

He’s a mosaic. Mosaics are made of different tiles. And these tiles come from many different things! They could be from windows, vases, cups, or pots. The point of this is that all of those things had to be broken before they could be made into the mosaic. All of them. Every single one. Maybe that cup had a leak in it that hindered it’s function. The cup served it’s time, but then it got holes and cracks and it was time for it to stop being a cup. There was a new purpose. So it was broken. And yes, while it hurt Man for part of himself to be broken, he knew that he was being re-shaped, molded, for an all new purpose. After time, after all his faulty parts were broken, he could see that he was something new, something different, something better. All of his broken pieces were put together to make something beautiful, something to serve a new purpose. Isaiah 66:9 tells us that the Lord won’t give us suffering for the sake of suffering. There is a goal; there is a victorious end to be reached with the pain we carry.

So, while Mosaic Man is indeed broken, he’s also being transformed; smashed into pieces to be made into a new work. God has glorious things planned for Mosaic Man, things he can’t even begin to comprehend. God is working in and on him during these difficult seasons. So now, Mosaic Man needs to relinquish control. His world is falling together, not apart. He needs to abandon the never ending search for peace, and just accept it. His broken pieces are being made into something exquisite, and now he can rest in that truth.

As Man has grown into Mosaic Man, I too am growing from Annika to Mosaic Annika. And I can say, it’s a heck of a journey through the desert, but it’s also the path to sanctification.

Casting Crowns has this great song called “Just Be Held” and I absolutely love it. One of my favorite lyrics is “I’m painting beauty with the ashes.” What a glorious thought! Find beauty in your ashes.


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  1. Annika,
    I enjoyed you message. Thank God he lifts our broken pieces and makes us new again!
    Patti Purdy
    St. Mark’s Church CC
    Children’s Ministry

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  2. Annika,

    What beautiful words!!! You are inspiring me and many others by sharing your insights to God’s heart. Thank you for keeping it real and honest. It’s a much needed witness. Keep it up sister 😍👍🙏👏

    Liked by 1 person

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