So, I’m starting a blog…quite obviously. If you’re reading this, HI WELCOME THANKS FOR STOPPING BY. I will probably not have many interesting things to blog about, but I’ll introduce to you the quiet terror of my life and I’ll talk on my everyday adventures.

I’ve had an absolutely insane summer. And I firmly believe that I need to catch you, reader, up on my amazing summer. The first thing I did was go to Europe. You know, I casually traipsed across the Pond and made my way to London. London was amazing! It was so modern and high fashion- as strange as that sounds. I had a few favorite things about London. My number one favorite thing was going to see a production of War Horse at the New London theatre. If you’ve seen the movie or the stage show, you’ll know that this show is about horses. Well, the horses in the stage show for War Horse are puppets; legitimate puppets that look like a horse’s exoskeleton, complete with puppeteers working these intricate machines. That was the coolest thing! And on top of that, the puppeteers were also making all the horse noises. I’m not quite sure if I can fully convey my all-consuming excitement for War Horse through a blog post…BUT I’M COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS SHOW (and I’ve remained in this excitement ever since I saw the show on June 9, 2015). Also, the show is so emotionally gripping and I cried three or four times; something about a boy and his horse just gets me. My second favorite thing in London was the food. I just really love food. And I think that’s enough about that. My third favorite thing was this charming flower stand we saw while walking to the British Museum:


Aren’t those just gorgeous? It physically hurt me that I couldn’t buy some.

After London, we went to Paris. Paris was quite possibly my favorite city. It’s so beautiful and the architecture is completely stunning. I truly, truly loved it. My favorite moment in Paris was when my group had just gotten off the metro one night. We walked up the ground level, and as soon as we stepped out of the metro stop, we could see that we were in the middle of a really busy town square. It was evening, and the sun was setting, the top of the sky a beautiful blue and the lower sky a brilliant mix of pinks and oranges. There were skateboarders all around us and there were local Parisians just hanging out. This is when I truly felt the vibe of Paris, the absolute free-ness. And this is when I fell in love with Paris. I love the people, the vibe, the look. I love that beautiful city. And I can’t wait to go back!

Next we went to Switzerland! This was also my favorite (I had two favorites…bear with me). I also fell in the love with the Swiss Alps! First, we went up to the top of Mount Pilatus, which was breathtaking and awe-inspiring in every way.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
imageProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

 I saw our Magnificent Creator in everything there: the mountains, the sunsets, the rainbows. Our God has made us SUCH a beautiful earth! He is truly the greatest Artist. I loved the hotel I got the opportunity of staying at in Switzerland. It was called Hotel Twing, and it was a small, family owned hotel. There was even a hotel dog! Snoopy! (Pronounced: Schnoopy) The family that owned the hotel was so sweet! They spent time talking with me, and I felt so blessed to be able to fellowship with them. If I ever get to go back to Switzerland, I definitely want to stay there. I felt like I bonded with them, and that’s what made me fall in love with Switzerland. It was just overall a great experience. Not to mention the sheer magnitude of all the Beauty that surrounded me! One night, I wanted to do some journaling before I went to bed, so I went outside and sat on one of the lawn chairs and journaled to the light of the gorgeous sunset. I looked up and there was literally a rainbow that had appeared! How beautiful is our God!

These were really the highlights of my trip. It was an amazing experience. I got to try so many new things! And I’m a traveler at heart. I love to travel and see different parts of the world and experience life there! I definitely want to go back to Europe… Soon hopefully! And the fact that I got to go with all my friends and my fantastic mother made the trip even more amazing. I love that we serve a Savior who took the time to make our temporary home so beautiful.

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